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Are you experiencing water and moisture in your home? Protect your property with Belvidere Flood Bags!


Belvidere's sandless flood bags are designed with gel capsules that expand and activate upon contact with water.  Flood bags divert and absorb water, creating a durable barrier to protect your home and property. 


  • Water-activated to absorb, control and divert flood water

  • 5' & 10' options providing length for continuous flood protection

  • Can be left in place for ongoing protection and use, or removed and thoroughly dried out to be re-used if needed 

  • Safe, non-hazardous and non-toxic

  • Environmentally friendly and decomposes over time


2 Pack (5' or 10' size) - $30.00CAD

4 Pack (5' or 10' size) - $50.00CAD


Deliveries available within Winnipeg for a flat fee of $15.00 

Flood Bags

PriceFrom C$30.00
Excluding GST/HST |
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