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Foundation & Structural Repairs in Winnipeg

Are you having Foundation Issues? Does your home have large cracks throughout the foundation, walls or ceilings? 

House Foundation Repair in Winnipeg

Homes and other structures may require foundation or structural repairs due to contraction or expansion of the soil surrounding, drainage problems, soil shifting and more. 

In order to ensure that a foundation is able to support its structure, foundation or structural repairs may be necessary.

Signs of Foundation and Structural Issues

Belvidere Construction is committed to provide customers with quality structural and foundation repairs to ensure that your structure is solid for years to come.


A few of the most common signs of foundation and structural problems are as follows:

  • Cracks in floors, ceilings, doorways or walls 

  • Uneven or sloping floors 

  • Tight or sticking windows and doors 

  • Tilting of the structure

  • Water in the basement 

  • Bowed walls 

Is your home experiencing any of the above signs of foundation problems? If so, click below to request a free quote today!

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