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Get Your Foundation Ready For Spring

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Tips and tricks for a dry basement during spring melt

Although Manitobans are always itching for warm Spring weather, homeowners may begin to worry about potential wet basements. Prepare your foundation prior to spring melt to put your mind at ease!

How to Prep Your Foundation

Following just a few simple steps has the possibility to drastically help your foundation during the spring melt.

Tip #1 - Shovel Snow a Minimum of 5 Feet Away From Your Foundation

Excess moisture around your foundation has the potential to make basement flooding much worse. We highly recommend that you take the time to shovel snow away from your foundation, elevating pooling moisture.

Tip #2 - Check Your Sump Pump

In the case that excess moisture does enter your foundation, a working sump pump makes a world of a difference. Check that your sump pump is working prior to the spring melt.

Tip #3 - Keep An Eye On Visible Foundation Cracks

If you are aware of cracks in your foundation, this is the time of the year to pay extra attention to them. We recommend measuring the width of the crack, and monitoring this to ensure that it does not continue expanding.

Tip #4 - Seal Ground Level Windows & Shovel Window Wells

Water will try to find its way in through all little cracks. Shovel out window wells and weather seal ground level windows prior to the melt to aid in protecting your basement.

Tip #5 - Check Basement Drains

Basement drains can be a big help if excess moisture does enter your basement. These drains are not something to neglect. Larger water issues may possibly arise if your basement drains are clogged.

Water In Your Basement?

Unfortunately, following all the foundation prep steps does not guarantee a dry basement.

If you are experiencing water in your home, the best plan of action is to bring in an expert.

In the interim, try using a shop vac to remove pooling water and set up a fan to keep the air moving. In addition, take a second look around the exterior of your foundation to see if any excess snow or pooling water can be removed.


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