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Foundation Cracks - When To Be Concerned

Updated: May 12, 2022

The difference between common and serious structural cracks

Foundation cracks are common in both new and older homes, especially in Winnipeg’s’ climate. Luckily, some types of foundation cracking, such as hairline cracks, are not necessarily a large concern to your home’s structural integrity.

Causes Of Foundation Cracks

Structural cracks are typically a result of ground movement. This can be caused by many factors including soil shrinkage, soil pressure, moisture levels, and temperature changes.

Winnipeg is known to have a large variation in temperature and moisture levels throughout the year. This results in the opportunity for soil to shift and pull away from a structures foundation, creating foundation cracks.

When To Be Concerned

Small amounts of movement and settlement are normal in all foundations, no matter the age. Small hairline cracks are common and are typically not something to be concerned about.

Once a structural crack becomes larger than ¼”, (or big enough to fit a coin in) it’s time to get a professional’s opinion! Other signs of major foundation issues include a damp or wet basement, leaning or bowing foundation walls, an uneven roofline, and tilting of the structure.

It is important to ensure that your homes foundation is strong, safe and secure. We highly recommend getting a professionals opinion if you have any concerns.

Pro Tip!

If you are concerned about a crack in your foundation – try this!

Mark the crack with a piece of tape and check back in a couple months. If the cracks aren’t growing, they are likely not a major issue.

Not all foundation cracks are a scary thing, but it’s important to know when your structural integrity might be impacted.

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